Story of NezBling Menstrual Cup:

The creator of Nez Bling Menstrual Cup has always been inspired by the eco-friendly products. The first time she used Diva Cup, she fell in love with the idea of the menstrual cup but it was just too big and the stem was quite too little. This made her to look out for an alternative by placing an order for Lena cup to Blossom Cup. These also had a fault of having a thicker silicone. The thickness of the cup was a bit too much to enable it to fold properly when inserting the menstrual cup. These are what made her to create her own design that affords maximum comfort to whoever that is using a Menstrual cup. She created NezBling Cup with long stem that can be easily and manually resized at the users' will and choice. She also included 4 air holes at the opening of the NezBling Menstrual Cup to create easy suction. She chooses the best shape that can stay put when it’s inserted correctly. She designed it in a way that can be comfortably folded and as well as creates comfortable suction without any leak.

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Here is the message from the Creator:


I believe menstrual cup is the best thing that ever happen to womanhood. It's eco-friendly nature inspired me to be part of better change and offer something more valuable at affordable price to all the beauties who admire freedom. Please check our Customers Testimonies Here. 

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